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  • Xmas Tree
  • How To Debug Christmas Lights

    I could have used this information last year…

    Btw, Mehdi Sadaghdar has a bunch of other videos that I wouldn’t recommend trying at home. Wow!

  • Christmas Lights

    Christmas lights

    I love everything about Christmas.

    Wait, that’s not quite true. I love most things about Christmas. I don’t like tall, wobbly ladders. I don’t like slippery, steep roofs. I don’t like heights. I don’t like putting up Christmas lights.

    Imagine my joy last night to come home from a business trip and see lights on the house that weren’t there when I left.

    Thank you, Jamison! You’re awesome. *<:-)

  • Frank Buchwald’s Machine Lights

    Frank Buchwald’s Machine Lights. I suspect these fall in the “if you have to ask the price…” category. Simply beautiful.

    Hat tip: EDW Lynch at Laughing Squid.

  • Decorating the Tree — 2011

    Decorating the Tree — 2011

    We cut our Christmas a couple of days ago; today we regained enough energy to decorate it.

    I don’t think we’ve ever had this big of a tree before. We had to get a bigger stand to hold the trunk and still had to cut down the trunk. This one holds water much better than our last stand so we’re hopeful this tree won’t become quite the fire hazard by New Year’s.

    Now to see if we can keep the cats from destroying it. *<:-)

  • Early Fall Bicycling

    Fall is creeping into Hillsboro and it’s changing my bike commute.

    This morning was 41°, a little chilly for my summer “uniform” of shorts and a button-up shirt. Cold isn’t all bad; I can crank hard without overheating. And it gave me something to talk about with another bicyclist while we waited for a signal.

    Yesterday’s ride was a warmer 55°, but the roads were still wet from overnight rain. I slowed down to stop the rear wheel from sucking up moisture and flinging it at my back.

    Monday, I wimped out and drove. I didn’t want to bike in the morning rain.

    The days are getting shorter. Right now I’m fighting glare: the sun is low and dead ahead coming and going. Pretty soon, I’ll be riding in the dark.

    I’m going to need a few things to keep biking to work:

    • Front and rear fenders. Because I’m using a mountain bike with front shocks, I understand my choices for the front fender are more limited. That’s too bad. Fenders could be useful in the summer, too. Some sprinklers soak the bike paths.
    • A light, waterproof jacket. I can pull out when I need protection from cold or rain, yet can easily stuff away when I don’t.
    • Front and rear lights. Although a dynamo system would be awesome, I think I’ll to settle for battery-powered. My bike lanes aren’t dark, I just want the cage drivers to see me — and not hit me.
    • Rear rack and pannier. This isn’t mandatory, but it would be nice to lose the backpack.

    Are you still biking to work as the weather changes? Or are you eagerly awaiting good weather?



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