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  • Decorating the Christmas Tree — 2021

    Decorating the Christmas Tree — 2021

    Once we got the tree home from the tree farm and washed off, it was time to bring it in, un-bale it, then decorate it. We all joined in on the fun!

  • Fetching the Christmas Tree — 2021

    With all the closures this year, last Sunday we decided to head into the hills to the same tree farm we’d gone to in 2010 and 2011. And we would have, except for that one final wrong turn. We saw the sign for a tree farm and its “Reservations Required” addition. We had no reservations.…

  • Christmas Tree, 2020 edition

    Christmas Tree, 2020 edition

    As is our tradition, we headed off into the hills to cut down our Christmas tree. The farm we’ve gone to the last few years is closed to U-cut this year, so we tried a different farm. After tramping through acres of too-short trees, we took a look at the trees they’d already cut. So…

  • A decorated tree — 2019

    A decorated tree — 2019

    We waited until Saturday evening to decorate our tree so all the kids could join in. And so did the dogs. I don’t think we’ve ever decorated a tree this fast. Lights, angel, ribbons, and ornaments. I love it! Photo credit. Thanks to Ashley for taking the picture of Gilligan!

  • Fetching the Christmas Tree — 2019

    Fetching the Christmas Tree — 2019

    On Black Friday, we went and cut our Christmas trees. The sky was clear blue and it was a lot warmer than the cold night would have suggested. Certainly a lot warmer and dryer than last year. As Ashley and Kevin joined us, we got two trees. This was also the first time we’ve been…

  • Pioneer Courthouse Square Tree

    Pioneer Courthouse Square Tree

    Walking from the MAX to work, I noticed the tree reflecting on the Pioneer Courthouse Square bricks. We’re still looking forward to coming down sometime next week with the whole family.

  • A decorated tree

    A decorated tree

    After getting the tree home yesterday, we washed it, shook it, and left it outside to dry. Then we put it in a stand in a different corner of the room than usual. Lights, ribbons, candy canes, and an angel later, we paused to take it all in. Mmm… It’s a little taller than we’d…

  • Fetching the Christmas Tree, 2018

    Fetching the Christmas Tree, 2018

    We waited longer than usual to get our Christmas tree this year. Our preferred day is the Sunday after Thanksgiving. That didn’t work this year because of our family reunion. The next weekend we were in Salt Lake City. And Suzi worked last weekend. So, today was the day, and it was perfect — if…

  • Waiting for my drink

    Waiting for my drink

    Waiting for my drink, I looked out the window.