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  • Fall tree

    Fall tree

    Yeah, I’ve posted a pile of pictures of fall leaves this year. Going through my pictures earlier this evening, I found this one that I took later in the day last week. The tree doesn’t look like this anymore. After a weekend of wind and rain, the leaves are pretty much down, blown into the…

  • Still more fall leaves

    Still more fall leaves

    The weather today didn’t know what it wanted to be, overcast or clear. The leaves had no question. They were going to be beautiful!

  • More fall leaves

    More fall leaves

    More pictures of fall color in the neighborhood.

  • Fallen leaf

    Fallen leaf

    Playing Pokémon Go in the rain, I found this.

  • Fog-Pressed Earth

    Fog-Pressed Earth

    Raw earth, pressed down by fog.

  • Fall is Still Coming

    Fall is Still Coming

    I returned to the scene of the acorn snap from a couple of days ago and tried again. At least a couple of these acorns starred in both.

  • Weekend Snaps

    I’ve been using Instagram a little more recently. I love its editor — simple yet effective enough. These are a few snaps from the past couple of days.

  • Fall is Coming…

    Fall is Coming…

    Bicycling to work, I noticed more acorns on the path. I stopped to take a quick snap that I posted to Instagram. I figured that given a little more time, I could do better. Are you as excited as I am for cool weather and hot drinks?

  • Sun Break

    Sun Break

    The sun shone for a few minutes during lunch today.