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  • L SS

    L SS

    Six months ago I sat on the bed where my mom lay. I told her I loved her and was so glad that she was my mom. I gave her a hug and a kiss. And I went downstairs to play the music she had set out on the piano while the hospice nurse remained.…

  • Mom’s view

    Mom’s view

    For a little more than a week, I’ve been walking daily with my dad at a nearby neighborhood park. We shoot the breeze, count the geese, and time our steps. Today the weather was so nice we decided to lengthen our route to the park’s eastern perimeter. As we walked, my dad said, “We’re coming…

  • Leaning into grief

    Pulling into the parking lot of my morning ritual, IZ’s Somewhere Over the Rainbow started playing on the radio. *Sniff!* *Blink!* If leaning into grief is a good thing, all I need to do is play this. :’-(

  • F*ck Cancer!

    F*CK CANCER! It would appear that I’ve moved beyond denial. :-/

  • By a casket still

    By a casket still

    A man lingersBy a casket stillFilled with loveFor the womanInside.–Brent Logan (2017)

  • The Bustle in a House

    The Bustle in a HouseThe Morning after DeathIs solemnest of industriesEnacted upon Earth — The Sweeping up the HeartAnd putting Love awayWe shall not want to use againUntil Eternity — Emily Dickinson The broom is still in my closet. I’m not ready just yet. Thanks to a couple of special friends who shared this poem…

  • Treasured memories of mom

    Treasured memories of mom

    Treasured memoriesFlow gently into the breachThat cannot be filled.–Brent Logan (March 22, 2017) Today I begin to learn how to live without my mom. This isn’t going to be easy. She was a special, spunky person and we are all better for having known and loved her. Rest in peace, mom.

  • I Miss You, Ken

    I Miss You, Ken

    This past weekend, I attended a “celebration of life” memorial for one of my best high school friends. Seeing the pictures and listening to his family reminisce made me sad I’d lost contact, but grateful we’d recently reconnected on Facebook. I have one story about Ken I must tell: Suzi and I wed 26 years…

  • In Memory: Ken Wesner

    In Memory: Ken Wesner

    Ken, you will be long remembered — and sorely missed. :’-(