Mom's favorite view at Phoenix Park

Mom’s view

For a little more than a week, I’ve been walking daily with my dad at a nearby neighborhood park. We shoot the breeze, count the geese, and time our steps. Today the weather was so nice we decided to lengthen our route to the park’s eastern perimeter.

As we walked, my dad said, “We’re coming up to mom’s favorite spot.” I was noticing the flowering trees to the right and wondered if they were it, but we walked right on by. Then I saw a bench up ahead to the right of the path. This was her spot — and this is the view.

I have to agree with mom — this is a special place. :-)

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8 responses to “Mom’s view”

  1. Steve Meharry Avatar
    Steve Meharry


  2. Kathie Hofmann Avatar
    Kathie Hofmann

    Beautiful spot, beautifully written.

  3. Brent Logan Avatar

    Thanks! I’m hoping to walk by there again later today. :-)

    Update. Before jumping on a plane to head home, we indeed did a quick loop around the park.

  4. Patricia Prindle Absec Avatar
    Patricia Prindle Absec

    Made me smile

  5. Brent Logan Avatar

    Thanks! My job here is done. ;-)

    And I know the feeling. That’s why I had to share.

  6. Shirley Ann Goerlitz Avatar
    Shirley Ann Goerlitz

    I like that view and like imagining Dolores sitting there, though she wasn’t much of a sitter. She was a doer.

    The phone calls and conversations are what I miss about my mother. The older I got the more Mother and I had in common so we could discuss real issues.

    I have found great enjoyment in using some of Mother’s old cooking utensils and some of her other treasures she left behind. A small dutch oven which she used for making soups is a real treasure. It is old because I remember it as a child and you know how old I am! :) The level of sadness lessens and leaves as time goes on but you will never forget your mother’s voice, her touch, her hugs, her special look under certain circumstances (my mother could give you The Eye if you were up to no good).

    Wishing you well as you move on. Big hugs!

  7. Brent Logan Avatar

    You’re right. My mom wasn’t much of a sitter. I still remember a poster she had on the inside of our linen closet at the walnut farm: “If you want something done, ask the busy person. No one else has any time.” That described her to a T.

    On the other hand, I suspect she sat a little more in the last 3.5 years.

    It’s a little strange, but this blog has a big hole in it now. For the past couple of years, I’ve written most of my posts here as though I was writing to my mom. She was my preferred subscriber. She’s still on the list and maybe my dad will read her emails.

    I guess I can still write to her. I think that would work better for me than talking at a gravesite.

    I’m going to miss my mom’s energy, her indomitable spirit, her hospitality, her smiles, her hugs, and her phone calls. I’m thankful for all the time I’ve been able to spend with her. :’-(

    I’m not ready to move on, but thanks for the hugs. :-)