Treasured memories of mom

Treasured memories
Flow gently into the breach
That cannot be filled.

--Brent Logan (March 22, 2017)

Today I begin to learn how to live without my mom. This isn’t going to be easy. She was a special, spunky person and we are all better for having known and loved her.

Rest in peace, mom.

By Brent Logan

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  1. What a sweet photo. Yes, as a family I am sure you have many great memories. Memories to build on and keep for your own. Am thinking of you all tonight. Especially your father. I cannot imagine how empty his house feels right now. Any place without Dolores would be empty for him.

    You all sleep well and rest.
    Love and a hug.

  2. I love your idea, Brent, a living memorial in words and space to grow, space that can never truly be filled as there will always be more memories and thoughts, and yet, always be full from the very beginning with hearts full of love just waiting to slash adorations in written and pictorial form, maybe audio treasures as well. I love your journey and share your pain and hold your faith. Breath! Love! Hope!

  3. I’ve been thinking about you and your family a lot in the last day.. I have some very happy memories of Aunty Dolores at the G farm, and the old house in the nut orchard. She was a force of nature.. her pragmatism mixed with cheerfulness mixed with drive, and I can still hear her voice, she always had a lot of questions for me. Her running career has been a major inspiration for me and my own running, and when I’m dragging a bit I think to myself that Aunty D could probably kick my butt right now if she was beside me. OK, I’m off for my morning run now.. much love dude.

  4. I hope things are getting better for you. It took me 3 months after my Mom died (Labor Day, 2016) before I stopped picking up the phone to call her, and even now — 8+ months later — I still think about her in the present tense occasionally.

    But it’s always getting easier (I was gonna write “better” but that’d be a lie; it’s not getting better but it is getting easier).

    I hope yer doing well. Peace to you — AND your Mom.

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