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  • L SS

    L SS

    Six months ago I sat on the bed where my mom lay. I told her I loved her and was so glad that she was my mom. I gave her a hug and a kiss. And I went downstairs to play the music she had set out on the piano while the hospice nurse remained.

    I hope she felt the love that filled her home.

    I am thankful I had visited recently and had been able to take so many business trips to visit Folsom and spend the nights at mom’s and dad’s place. I am thankful for others who had also been around her, giving her support and their love.

    I’m still figuring out how to live without mom.

  • Honoring A Birthday

    Honoring A Birthday

    We celebrated my mother’s 80th birthday with good friends, good conversation, and good food. We honored her with our attendance. But we did a little more.

    Brother Don gave anyone who wanted an opportunity to say something about her and to her: what she meant to us, why she was special. As he said:

    How many funerals have you been to? If you’re like me, too many. People will go to a funeral and say nice things about the deceased and wish they had said them earlier, while the person was still around to hear them. A birthday is a great opportunity to say those nice things.

    It was nice to hear how my mother is loved by so many people; it was nice to say why she is special to me and that I love her.

    What do you think? Would you speak at a friend’s birthday party? Would you want this done at yours?

    Do you think there’s any reason to limit this to a certain age category? I don’t.

  • Christmas in California

    Christmas in California

    Our Christmas season has begun.

    We drove to California to pick up Melissa, see the cousins, and Grandma and Grandpa. Being as we were already there, Grandma wanted to celebrate Christmas with the grandkids. Who could say no?



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