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  • Steve Jobs — 1955-2011

    Steve Jobs — 1955-2011

    The world lost a visionary. Rest in peace, Steve Jobs.

    Photo credit: apple.com.

  • Honoring A Birthday

    Honoring A Birthday

    We celebrated my mother’s 80th birthday with good friends, good conversation, and good food. We honored her with our attendance. But we did a little more.

    Brother Don gave anyone who wanted an opportunity to say something about her and to her: what she meant to us, why she was special. As he said:

    How many funerals have you been to? If you’re like me, too many. People will go to a funeral and say nice things about the deceased and wish they had said them earlier, while the person was still around to hear them. A birthday is a great opportunity to say those nice things.

    It was nice to hear how my mother is loved by so many people; it was nice to say why she is special to me and that I love her.

    What do you think? Would you speak at a friend’s birthday party? Would you want this done at yours?

    Do you think there’s any reason to limit this to a certain age category? I don’t.



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