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  • Monday


    Q: What do Oregonians call a sunny day after two days rain?A: Monday. Although this applies today, who am I to complain? Today is beautiful!

  • Lunchtime Diversion, Part I

    Lunchtime Diversion, Part I

    I’m not entirely thrilled with this picture, but I do find the subject interesting. I think this can be done much better. Stay tuned… ;-)

  • Daily Commute II

    Daily Commute II

    Biking along the path, I again got distracted by the sun shining through the trees. Beautiful! :-)

  • Green for Earth Day 2013

    Green for Earth Day 2013

    Happy Earth Day 2013! Yes, I know Earth Day is merely symbolic. That doesn’t mean it’s worthless. After all, the flowers we send for Mothers’ Day are “just a symbol” of our love for our mothers. In keeping with the tradition, I’ve changed the accent color here from yellow to a nice green. I think…

  • Chance of Clouds is Good

    Chance of Clouds is Good

    Clouds on the way to work deserve more clouds on the way home.