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  • My Second Footstop 3D Print

    My Second Footstop 3D Print

    The wonderful people at the Hillsboro Public Library’s 3D Print Lab printed my revised concave footstop design this week. Jamison now has one more footstop to test. Maybe I need to get a top-mount downhill longboard so I can do the testing myself. ;-)

  • My first longboard footstop 3D print job is done!

    My first longboard footstop 3D print job is done!

    My first printed footstop is a success!

  • Convex Longboard Footstop, Part II

    Convex Longboard Footstop, Part II

    Here’s another revision of convex longboard footstop, this one with two attachment tabs. It’s probably time to quit designing footstops, at least until I have a chance to print one and have Jamison try it. I’m going to start with this one. It’s fun rendering these in polished stainless steel. I wonder whether there is…

  • Convex Longboard Footstop

    Convex Longboard Footstop

    Some people like a convex footstop on their downhill longboard. Here’s my first attempt to make one using OpenSCAD. It’s a fairly simple modification of my concave footstop. Maybe next I should make a wider convex longboard footstop with two tabs, like PSD’s.

  • Footstop update

    Footstop update

    A little more work on my longboard footstop design has resulted in this. Probably no difference in functionality, but it’s prettier. :-) I’m looking forward to getting one of these printed, though I think it will wait a week.

  • Longboard Footstop in OpenSCAD

    Longboard Footstop in OpenSCAD

    My local library, the Hillsboro public library, has 3D printing open labs — every Monday evening for a couple of hours, the library accepts .stl files on thumb drives and prints them for free over the next week. This is such a cool resource, it seems irresponsible not to take advantage of it. For my…