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  • Convex Longboard Footstop

    Convex Longboard Footstop

    Some people like a convex footstop on their downhill longboard. Here’s my first attempt to make one using OpenSCAD. It’s a fairly simple modification of my concave footstop. Maybe next I should make a wider convex longboard footstop with two tabs, like PSD’s.

  • Footstop update

    Footstop update

    A little more work on my longboard footstop design has resulted in this. Probably no difference in functionality, but it’s prettier. :-) I’m looking forward to getting one of these printed, though I think it will wait a week.

  • Longboard Footstop in OpenSCAD

    Longboard Footstop in OpenSCAD

    My local library, the Hillsboro public library, has 3D printing open labs — every Monday evening for a couple of hours, the library accepts .stl files on thumb drives and prints them for free over the next week. This is such a cool resource, it seems irresponsible not to take advantage of it. For my…