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  • “Tripod” update

    “Tripod” update

    I spent a little more time last night polishing my take on the Slopes tripod. In the process, I noticed there’s still more work to do. I expect this prototype will not be my last. My concerns are: I haven’t accounted for tolerances. Maybe I’ll need to make the openings 0.5 mm larger. With OpenSCAD,…

  • Low-profile “Tripod” for GoPro cameras

    Low-profile “Tripod” for GoPro cameras

    Designing stuff with OpenSCAD can be frustrating. Not having the native ability to create fillets on edges, the workaround I’ve discovered is tedious and slow: Create a primitive object that is smaller than the desired object by the radius of the fillet. Use the minkowski() function to apply a sphere having the radius of the…

  • Longboard Footstop in OpenSCAD

    Longboard Footstop in OpenSCAD

    My local library, the Hillsboro public library, has 3D printing open labs — every Monday evening for a couple of hours, the library accepts .stl files on thumb drives and prints them for free over the next week. This is such a cool resource, it seems irresponsible not to take advantage of it. For my…