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  • Convex Longboard Footstop, Part II

    Convex Longboard Footstop, Part II

    Here’s another revision of convex longboard footstop, this one with two attachment tabs.

    It’s probably time to quit designing footstops, at least until I have a chance to print one and have Jamison try it. I’m going to start with this one.

    It’s fun rendering these in polished stainless steel. I wonder whether there is a market for premium longboard footstops, though. Like a Budnitz Bicycles of longboarding? Hmm… ;-)

    Update. I’m at the 3D Printing Labs at the Hillsboro Public library. They’re going to be able to print my design, as is. Because it will likely take a couple of hours to print, they will print it later this week. I’m jazzed!



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