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  • My first longboard footstop 3D print job is done!

    My first longboard footstop 3D print job is done!

    I got an email just after noon today from the Hillsboro Public Library:

    Your print job is finished and is waiting for you under your name at the checkout counter. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

    Within an hour, I was holding my first 3D printed object. It’s very light and rigid. And of course, pretty!

    I held the footstop up to Jamison’s downhill board to check fit. The slot spacing looks perfect. Jamison’s board has significant concave so I might want to put some flexible material between the board and the middle of the footstop. And the color is a nice match to Jamison’s new Orangatang Kegels. Nice!

    I’m amazed at how well this turned out. Now to get some longer truck mounting hardware so Jamison can install it and tell me how it works.



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