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  • Virtual Touring

    Sometimes I want to be somewhere I’m not. Today, it was Yosemite. Fortunately, there’s a high-tech solution: virtual touring. Here are a few of my favorite resources. There are many more resources you can use for virtual traveling. Google image search MapQuest Bing Yahoo Wikipedia YouTube Do you use the Internet to “travel”? What are…

  • How to Make a Memory Map

    How to Make a Memory Map

    So you want to make a memory map, but don’t know how? Here’s a simple guide. Go to Google maps. Zoom in to the area you want. There are two easy way to do this: The first method is to enter an address in the search field on the Google page. Google will display a…

  • Memory Maps, Part 2

    Memory Maps, Part 2

    It’s amazing how looking at satellite photos of a city I haven’t lived in since 1987 brings back memories. I created a second memory map, this time using a larger scale. You can visit my Flickr site to see both. Go here to read my earlier article on memory maps.

  • Memory Maps

    Memory Maps

    What do you get when you combine satellite photography with annotations? Memory maps. We can thank Matt Haughey for creating the first (?) memory map using Google Maps new satellite view and Flickr’s photo sharing and annotation. It’s so easy that I made my own memory map. The idea is contagious; a Flickr group (or…