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  • Virtual Touring

    Sometimes I want to be somewhere I’m not. Today, it was Yosemite. Fortunately, there’s a high-tech solution: virtual touring. Here are a few of my favorite resources. There are many more resources you can use for virtual traveling. Google image search MapQuest Bing Yahoo Wikipedia YouTube Do you use the Internet to “travel”? What are […]

  • Links for May 10, 2007

    Google LatLong Blog — Google’s new blog for Google Earth and Maps. Its second post shows Greensburg, Kansas, Tornado Imagery.

  • Google Earth

    Wow! Wow!! WOW!!! Take Google Maps, add a slick user interface and a lot of functionality, and you’ll get Google Earth. Warning: You will spend a lot of time with this program. I’ve already located all the places I’ve ever lived, my friends’ and family’s houses, places I’ve worked, and our most recent vacation spots. […]