Google Earth

Wow! Wow!! WOW!!!

Take Google Maps, add a slick user interface and a lot of functionality, and you’ll get Google Earth.

Warning: You will spend a lot of time with this program. I’ve already located all the places I’ve ever lived, my friends’ and family’s houses, places I’ve worked, and our most recent vacation spots. Oh, and “flown” between them all.

Did I say “wow”??

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One response to “Google Earth”

  1. geoeffect Avatar

    I used that back when it was still Keyhole’s software. Pretty cool. I orientated myself with the Las Vegas street plan prior to going there to prevent getting lost in a drunken state. It served me well.

    I’ve been in the Colosseum in Rome. Now that’s an amazing place. I’d love to go back in time and sit in a sell-out Colosseum watching navy battles or gladiators knock eachother out.