Memory Maps

What do you get when you combine satellite photography with annotations? Memory maps.

We can thank Matt Haughey for creating the first (?) memory map using Google Maps new satellite view and Flickr’s photo sharing and annotation. It’s so easy that I made my own memory map.

The idea is contagious; a Flickr group (or two) has formed around the idea.

Hat tip: lifehacker.

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3 responses to “Memory Maps”

  1. Robert Avatar

    That’s great! Additional memories . . . the “MR” drowned in Arcade Creek. . . . a neighbor of the gay gentlemen claimed to have seen then Govenor Jerry Brown over the fence at a party the evening “consenting adults” became legal . . . . . the oak tree still stands – as does the apricot tree . . .

  2. Brent Logan Avatar

    Thanks for the info. I’m waiting to see your memory map. I expect to see entries on the M-80 in the orchard and the neighbor with a dog named Gretchen, … :-) If you use a different scale, you can show where you took piano lessons, where you went to school and church. The possibilities are endless.

  3. Robert Logan Avatar

    I couldn’t resist driving the map . . . indeed the oak still stands, as does the apricot, fig, three walnut and the tree by the orchard valve. Still no leaves in Darin’s yard!