How to Make a Memory Map

So you want to make a memory map, but don’t know how? Here’s a simple guide.

  1. Go to Google maps.
  2. Zoom in to the area you want. There are two easy way to do this:
    • The first method is to enter an address in the search field on the Google page. Google will display a map with a red flag marking the address. Unfortunately, the flag may not be in the exact right place (or you might not want the flag; I don’t know how to get rid of it short of starting over). Click the “x” to close the address bubble.
    • The second method is to double-click on the map where you want to display. This centers the map on that location. Then use the zoom tool on the left to zoom in. You can double-click or click and drag anywhere on the map to move the map around.
  3. Change to the “Satellite” view by clicking the link on the upper right.
  4. Fine tune the position and zoom to display the area you want. The scales of the map and satellite pictures are slightly off.
  5. Capture the screen. Pressing Alt-PrtScn copies an image of the active window into the scrapbook.
  6. Paste the captured screen in an image editor. I prefer to use IrfanView.
  7. Crop the picture.
  8. Save the picture to your computer.
  9. Upload the picture to Flickr. I recommend adding the tags “memorymap memory map” and something to do with the location.
  10. Edit the picture’s title and description. Press “save.” Flickr will now display all of your pictures.
  11. Select your new picture by clicking on it. Flicker displays it with some tools at the picture’s top edge.
  12. Click on the “add note” tool and enter some descriptive text about a location on the picture.
  13. Before pressing “save,” click and drag the square that appeared in the upper left of the picture to the correct location on the picture. You can move the square’s corners around to change the square’s size.
  14. Press “save.” If you need to change the note’s text or the location of the box after you press “save,” just move your mouse cursor over the box and click. You can now edit the note and move the box.
  15. Add more notes. You’re having fun now… :-D

While writing this guide, I made my third memory map.