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  • Be Serious for 30 Seconds

    Be Serious for 30 Seconds looks like a fun video project. If you do it, you’ll be in good company. Hat tip: PetaPixel, which also lists the rules for your convenience and embeds some great videos (though I’m not convinced they follow all the rules…).

  • Level-Headed Chicken

    Now that I’m on vacation, I have time to write thoughtful posts. The time, mind you, not the inclination. You get this instead. Enjoy! Hat tip: Procrastineering.

  • Say Hello to my Little Friend

    In my back-right pocket is my cell phone. Actually, it’s quite a bit more than a phone. It’s also a digital camera, video camera, audio recorder, alarm clock, calculator, etc. But it’s not enough. I want more. My ideal pocket device would be: Phone — It must have both speaker/mic and Bluetooth capabilities. I don’t…

  • Disneyland Video

    Here’s a video I recorded with my cell phone at Disneyland during my sabbatical. Not bad… It perfectly captures the feeling of sabbatical at about 1:03. ;-)

  • Politicians: Still figuring out YouTube

    If you were running for office and your opponent’s campaign had a video camera following you, what would you say? If you were George Allen, you’d use a racial slur. Before YouTube, this video might not have seen much airplay. Those days are over. Politicians need to come to terms with having every flaw recorded…

  • This Stop May Be Recorded For Customer Assurance

    Chicago’s new police cars will have video cameras and sensitive microphones to record vehicle stops. I say, about time! Of course, the ACLU’s up in arms about the alleged privacy infringement. But what privacy invasion are we talking about here? What’s more invasive? The officer standing by the car peering into the back of the…