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  • Congratulations, Willy!

    Congratulations, Willy!

    This weekend we traveled to Walla Walla to honor Willy’s achievement. Congratulations, Willy!

  • Holiday E-Mail to Willy

    Dear Willy,

    We are so happy to have another Logan boy in our home over the holidays. We will be heading into the hills to cut a Christmas tree and then decorate it. We can also go to zoo lights to hear Melissa sing, eat, watch the Christmas ships on the waterfront, make puzzles, eat, play games, eat, go for drive bys of Christmas lights, enjoy hot apple cider, watch a goey Christmas movie or perhaps snowball express, eat a few mandarins, perhaps play in the snow (we can always hope), play ping pong and Foosball, eat, read nostalgic Christmas stories, eat and just enjoy being together. Plan on building Legos and making paper airplanes! There should also be time to just relax with a good book.

    Please bring any good vegan recipes you would like us to make. Ashley would be happy and we are trying to cook more that way. Also if a few are vegan and gluten free you would be my favorite nephew.

    Tell your mom thank you for sharing you with us. Are you heading down with the girls on Wednesday?

    Safe travels and we look forward to seeing you.


    Looks like our holiday plans are stuffed full of fun. ;-)

  • Weekend’s Over — Back to Work!

    I traveled to Walla Walla this weekend to see my nephew star in a one-act play. Who knew a freshman engineering student could act? The play and his acting both were great! I’m waiting for his next performance.

    I didn’t even take my computer with me — no blogging. :-)

    I finished another Orson Scott Card novel and added it to my books page. Only two more books remain in the Ender Wiggin Saga series; I added those, too.

    I also added a JavaScript program that counts down the number of days until Terri Schiavo’s feeding tube is removed. I’d like to think the mainstream media and courts were correct, but I’ve had experience with both being wrong. The counter has a couple of links for more information.

    Last Monday, I started the day with good luck. The week continued to be interesting, and not in the Chinese curse sort of way. I’m hoping for another similar week.



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