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  • Seth Godin’s Favorite Business Books

    Seth Godin’s Favorite Business Books. A good, short list on Goodreads.

  • New Book Day

    Today is a good day. I bought three books and discovered another. I started reading by Seth Godin, but quit because I was getting frustrated. Not because I didn’t like the book, but because I’d borrowed it from the library. Getting books from the library is a good way to save money, but I don’t…

  • Homeless Worldview Test

    Homeless Worldview Test

    Seth Godin asks: Is this: someone in real need of help someone you should give money to someone who will take whatever money you give and go buy a substance that makes his problem worse someone you should cross the street to avoid Although Seth tries to help with a hint, “there is no right…

  • The Inertia of Laziness

    Seth Godin blogs today about the power of habit. I think it’s the inertia of laziness. Because they’re lazy, people: Don’t refinance for years even though interest rates are lower. Don’t change cell phone plans even though they could get more minutes, larger coverage areas, more services, and better cell phones to boot, for the…