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  • The Inertia of Laziness


    Seth Godin blogs today about the power of habit. I think it’s the inertia of laziness. Because they’re lazy, people:

    • Don’t refinance for years even though interest rates are lower.
    • Don’t change cell phone plans even though they could get more minutes, larger coverage areas, more services, and better cell phones to boot, for the same or less money.
    • Don’t change ISPs, cable companies, web hosts, etc., even though their current one continues to raise prices without improving service.
    • Don’t change web mapping/search sites, even though their current one is collecting personal data and better options may be available.
    • etc.

    As Seth writes:

    Worth a thought the next time you convince yourself you can get people to change just because you’re better.

    It takes more than a better product or service to win a customer. You must make it easy for that customer to switch.

    Photo credit: “Oh, It’s YOU Again” by faith goble on Flickr. Used under a Creative Commons license.



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