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  • I noticed something. When I read my feeds on Googl…

    I noticed something. When I read my feeds on Google Reader, I get smarter. When I read Twitter I learn how boring our lives usually are. When I read FriendFeed I find out how smart you are. All three have their place. :-) –Robert Scoble Posted on FriendFeed (of course…).

  • Quote of the Day — Robert Scoble

    But, waiting in line for an Apple product is glorious, even if it is idiotic. Robert Scoble Spoken like a true (yet self-aware) Apple fanboy. ;-)

  • Quote of the Day — Robert Scoble

    There is value in staying ignorant. Robert Scoble But it depends on your goals. Go read the context.

  • Intel blogging

    Blogging is becoming a way of life at Intel but most of it takes place behind the firewall where Intel’s watchers and customers cannot see it. Here are a few notable exceptions: IT@Intel Blog — Official Intel blogging Intel Perspective — Anonymous Intel blogging — And now… unofficial Intel blogging by Josh Bancroft If…

  • Rocketboom Me

    Because Robert Scoble is my hero ;-), I now start my day the same way he does: watching Rocketboom. You should, too. Rocketboom is a quirky vlog by Amanda Congdon. As Scoble says: If I had real talent (and looks) I’d be Amanda Congdon. Just be happy I’m only doing text here. Somewhat related… A…