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  • A Geek’s Day

    A Geek’s Day

    It’s a great day to be in tech, with Intel’s IDF keynote streaming on the laptop and Apple’s iPhone 6 and Apple Watch event in two windows on the larger monitor.

  • iPad Limitations — Here to Stay?

    iPad Limitations — Here to Stay?

    The original Apple Macintosh had a monochrome display, a one-button mouse, no expansion slots, and a keyboard with no function keys or numeric keypad. Apple touted each of these limitations as a feature. Yet each of these limitations was eliminated in later products. The Apple iPad has no GPS, no camera, no stylus, no flash…

  • Quote of the Day — Robert Scoble

    But, waiting in line for an Apple product is glorious, even if it is idiotic. Robert Scoble Spoken like a true (yet self-aware) Apple fanboy. ;-)

  • Shuffling Along

    Apple is the only company I know that can consistently get buzz from crippled (yet stylish) products. Need an example? Take the iPod Shuffle (please… ba-dum-tish). Looking to capture the low-end media player market, Apple introduced the flash-based Shuffle without a display. Like Apple’s one-button mouse, using the Shuffle is simple. Want to know what…