A Geek’s Day

It’s a great day to be in tech, with Intel’s IDF keynote streaming on the laptop and Apple’s iPhone 6 and Apple Watch event in two windows on the larger monitor.

2 responses to “A Geek’s Day”

  1. Shirley Ann Goerlitz Avatar

    Crazy wild! I love variety but I think I love my peace and quiet better!

  2. Brent Logan Avatar

    Yeah, in retrospect I’m not sure learning the Apple news live was any better than reading a summary later. I was following both The Verge and Apple’s official “live blog.” Apple’s was clearly prepared in advance and just timed (though significantly later than The Verge’s) to the event.

    I guess most interesting to me was Apple’s complete indifference to those who haven’t already bought into their ecosystem. They had live video of the event, but you could only watch it only on Apple hardware and software. The live blog had embedded videos, but they wouldn’t play on my Windows 8 computer running Chrome. Oh well…

    I guess I’d have to admit I was more interested in the Intel event. That I was able to watch live. :-)