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  • Amanda’s Independence Day

    Wow! I didn’t see this coming. Actually, since it was reported on July 5, I guess I wasn’t watching Amanda Congdon too closely. Here is Amanda’s story on leaving Rocketboom. Hat tip: Mike Davidson.

  • Max Rottersman upgrades Plasti-Prompter

    Inspired by Max Rottersman’s original Plasti-Prompter (a teleprompter made from CD cases and a webcam), I wrote about do-it-yourself teleprompter hardware and free teleprompter software. Well, Max has gone and upgraded his Plasti-Prompter. It’s still low budget, but he’s vlogging with it. Go take a look. Hat tip: Gizmodo.

  • Rocketboom Me

    Because Robert Scoble is my hero ;-), I now start my day the same way he does: watching Rocketboom. You should, too. Rocketboom is a quirky vlog by Amanda Congdon. As Scoble says: If I had real talent (and looks) I’d be Amanda Congdon. Just be happy I’m only doing text here. Somewhat related… A…

  • Vlogging? Make a Teleprompter

    If you’re serious about vlogging, you need a teleprompter. Without one, you can’t read text while looking directly at the camera. In other words, you look amateurish! Not to worry. Max Rottersman shows how to make a video blogger PlastiPrompter using a laptop computer, some CD cases, a little tape, and a webcam. McGuiver would…

  • Podcasting? Feh

    Podcasting is supposed to be the next wave of blogging. I don’t think so. At least not for me. Speaking as a blogger, podcasting is hard. Reading text might seem to be a no-brainer, but you haven’t heard how many times it takes me to change my voicemail message. And writing for the spoken word…