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  • Make a Teleprompter

    Some of my most popular posts are those about teleprompters. Make: Online has a weekend project on a DIY teleprompter. I’ve embedded the video below. The video references

  • Max Rottersman upgrades Plasti-Prompter

    Inspired by Max Rottersman’s original Plasti-Prompter (a teleprompter made from CD cases and a webcam), I wrote about do-it-yourself teleprompter hardware and free teleprompter software. Well, Max has gone and upgraded his Plasti-Prompter. It’s still low budget, but he’s vlogging with it. Go take a look. Hat tip: Gizmodo.

  • Free Teleprompter Software Solutions

    Just a couple of days ago, I blogged building your own teleprompter. In the comments to that post, I show how to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript and a mirror-image font to roll your own self-scrolling, mirror-imaged text display. I even explain how to flip a font. Today, I discovered a free teleprompter software package.

  • Vlogging? Make a Teleprompter

    If you’re serious about vlogging, you need a teleprompter. Without one, you can’t read text while looking directly at the camera. In other words, you look amateurish! Not to worry. Max Rottersman shows how to make a video blogger PlastiPrompter using a laptop computer, some CD cases, a little tape, and a webcam. McGuiver would…