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  • What Kind of Idiot are You?

    “What kind of idiot are you?” Those used to be fighting words. Now they just sound like another Buzzfeed quiz. Dave Pell

  • Facebook to Sell Targeted Ads in Your News Stream

    Facebook will soon have targeted ads in your news stream. Why do I make this baseless claim? Allow me to direct your attention: Facebook has proposed an updated Statement of Rights and Responsibilities that bans sponsored status updates. That indicates two things: Facebook is contemplating commercial messages in the news stream. Facebook doesn’t want the…

  • Facebook, Pretty Please?

    Facebook, Pretty Please?

    My poor Facebook friends. I put up with their incessant quiz results. They get to put up with my whining about it. One Facebook friend of mine (Hi, David!) questioned whether Facebook is even aware of the issue. Ha! Okay, time to make sure. Do I get bonus points for asking on Twitter? I said…

  • Facebook, We Have a Problem, And a Solution Exists

    At least, it could… I rant about all of the stupid quizzes on Facebook. I bet some of my friends wonder why. How about a simple demonstration — a list of all the quizzes that have “graced” my news feed (and that I blocked). I have hope (some, at least…). Facebook could let us define…

  • Dear Facebook and Friends

    Dear Facebook and Friends

    Those of you on Facebook know what I’m talking about — those friends who want you to know what tree they are most like, what their IQ is (yeah, right…), what letter their true love’s name starts with, what their political persuasion is, their favorite dessert, etc., and all because of some quiz they took…