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  • Dear Facebook and Friends

    Dear Facebook and Friends

    Those of you on Facebook know what I’m talking about — those friends who want you to know what tree they are most like, what their IQ is (yeah, right…), what letter their true love’s name starts with, what their political persuasion is, their favorite dessert, etc., and all because of some quiz they took on Facebook.

    I wouldn’t mind as much if these friends actually took the time to write a note and tell me something about themselves. But quiz results? No thanks.

    Facebook is to blame, too. They could make it so I could block all the quizzes in one fell swoop. But no…

    So Facebook friends, this unsolicited feedback is for you.

    Yeah, I know. I can block all the quizzes by clicking on “status updates.” That also blocks photos, videos, links, and notes. Unacceptable.

    Fix it, Facebook!



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