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  • The Internet Pledge — Still Relevant

    The Internet Pledge by Alexandra Franzen is still relevant. Join me in making it.

  • Brizzly


    Brizzly — a social media site that watches out for your permanent record. Check it out!

  • Permanent Record

    Thanks to the internet, everything's going on my permanent record. — Brent Logan (@blogan) October 10, 2018 Update. I added the following as a comment, but am pulling it up for those that might not see it otherwise: Want to freak yourself out? I'm gonna show just how much of your information the likes of […]

  • What did we learn new about Facebook?

    I’m feeling a little stupid right now. Maybe a little history is in order. We’ve known since 2014, back when Five Labs used our Facebook posts to analyze personality, that when we shared our data with an app on Facebook, the app’s publisher gets our friends’ data, too. It should have been obvious more than […]

  • No New Year’s Resolutions 2014

    I have no word for 2014, no big goals, no 365-day projects, not even a one-month theme. Still, this list of social media resolutions from the end of 2009 seems appropriate to review and renew.

  • Is Blogging Old Media?

    Is Blogging Old Media?

    Ouch! I’ve only been blogging since 2004. I guess I need to remember that I joined MySpace and Facebook in 2006, and Twitter and Tumblr in 2007. Let’s not forget identi.ca, Plurk, and FriendFeed around the same time. Yup, that was years after starting blogging and years ago. So, what’s the next big thing in […]

  • Social Media Interaction

    I asked a question on social media: As a tweet: Experimenting with a “spoiler” class for CSS. Does this work for iPad users? https://brentlogan.com/2010/04/gone-tomorrow-book-review/ As an @reply on Twitter: @jabancroft Does the “spoiler” CSS work for you on your iPad? https://brentlogan.com/2010/04/gone-tomorrow-book-review/ As a Buzz post: I’m experimenting with a “spoiler” class to hide content in […]

  • Use whatever social media you want. Feel free to u…

    Use whatever social media you want. Feel free to use it on company time. Just use common sense and remember that if you publicly identify yourself with the company’s brand then act in a manner consistent with that brand. It’s in all of our best interests to do so. Michael Hyatt The above quote is […]

  • My Social Media New Year’s Resolutions

    With a new year nearly here, it’s time to resolve to behave better on Twitter, Facebook, my blog, and whatever other social media gets invented this coming year. Ask, don’t tell. I’ll try to remember that I don’t know everything and act accordingly. I might even learn something. Leave more comments. Bloggers put a lot […]