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  • Oneonta Gorge, Plus

    Oneonta Gorge, Plus

    Today we took a quick trip to Oneonta Gorge, wading through the stream to the falls. You know Portland is having awesome weather when Oneonta Gorge is crowded. Then we headed to Portland for some froyo and a little walking downtown.

  • One clean cell phone

    When we went hiking in Oneonta Gorge, I was careful to bring a couple of plastic Ziploc bags to double bag my digital camera. I even removed the car door remote from my key ring and left it in the car. I was quite proud of my planning and forethought until I realized at the…

  • Oneonta Gorge

    Today, I took the family (such as it is with our two olders daughters absent) up the gorge to Lower Oneonta Falls. We are taking our church’s teen group there this Saturday and wanted to make sure the river is not too deep to safely wade to the falls. As the pictures show, the weather…