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  • One clean cell phone

    When we went hiking in Oneonta Gorge, I was careful to bring a couple of plastic Ziploc bags to double bag my digital camera. I even removed the car door remote from my key ring and left it in the car. I was quite proud of my planning and forethought until I realized at the falls, after wading through waist-high water, that my cell phone was still in my pants pocket.

    I quickly removed its battery and put the pieces in in a baggie for the return wade. At the car, I also removed the SIM card and opened the clamshell so it could dry. At home, I used the blow dryer on it for a few minutes and then left it to dry. Unfortunately, even after 24 hours of drying, the phone wouldn’t boot without locking up. So I put the phone (not the battery nor SIM card) on an insulated cookie sheet in the oven at 150°F for an hour.

    It’s all better now after its unscheduled cleaning. Not bad for a free phone. :-D



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