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  • Cannon Beach

    Cannon Beach

    Today, Suzi, Heather, Melissa, Jamison, Gilligan, and I visited Cannon Beach. Gilligan played fetch and swam the creek.1She’s so tired now that she almost needs help getting up on the couch. Poor puppy! Jamison flew his drone.2Maybe, pictures and/or videos to follow. We all walked to Haystack Rock and the Needles. And I took pictures.

    At the Rock, I talked to a gentleman who claimed to have walked through the cave on the side of the rock many years ago. The tide was low enough today to make a quick exploration almost tempting. I also took my picture using the KGW8 live webcam. I’m the person on the far left.

    Another great day on the Oregon coast!

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      She’s so tired now that she almost needs help getting up on the couch. Poor puppy!
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      Maybe, pictures and/or videos to follow.
  • Cannon Beach Sunset

    Cannon Beach Sunset

    Yesterday, mid-afternoon, we decided it was a good day for a Cannon Beach visit. Jamison grabbed his drone and camera, and Jamison, Suzi, and I headed for the beach. We stopped by Insomnia then drove nearer to the Rock.

    Jamison set up his drone and took off. I held his phone while he took some pictures and videos. I hadn’t seen Jamison use his drone before. Too cool! :-)

    Not long after we arrived, the sunset and we left.

    Every day at the beach is a good day!

    Photo credits: Drone shot and animated gif by Jamison. Shot of Jamison and me by Suzi. All used with permission. Thanks!



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