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  • Three gallons of blood

    I reached a milestone yesterday: I donated my 24th pint of blood — 3 gallons!1That’s about twice as much blood currently flowing through my body. I used to have a rule: no talking about needles while I’m driving.2Not an easy rule to follow with at least 80% then headed to working in hospitals? We want to keep the driver conscious. I decided my fear of needles wasn’t optimal and decided to donate blood to get over it.

    My plan worked, and along the way, I wrote the post on donating blood for wimps and I played an important role in saving lives.

    If you want to donate blood, too, but think you might want a donor buddy, feel free to contact me. We can do this!

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      That’s about twice as much blood currently flowing through my body.
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      Not an easy rule to follow with at least 80% then headed to working in hospitals?
  • One Gallon of Blood

    One Gallon of Blood

    I reached a milestone today: I have donated one gallon of blood. That’s about 80% of blood the average adult body contains.

    I also beat my goal of giving blood four times this year by 50%.

    I’d like to say, “I am not a wimp” — but I am. After donating blood two or three times without issues, I decided to give blood sitting up, like everyone else does. Bad idea. After nearly filling the bag, I could feel the blood drain from my face. I alerted the workers and they got me lying flat with my feet elevated. Ah…

    Oh well. I filled the bag. It didn’t hurt. And I saved up to three lives.

    Next time I’ll know to ask for the wimp treatment.

    If I can do it, maybe you can too. What do you think?

  • I Sell My Blood For Stickers and Pins

    I Sell My Blood For Stickers and Pins

    I donated blood again today — fifth time this year. In exchange, I got a sticker. Next time I also get a one-gallon pin. Sounds fair to me.

    The picture above shows my total “payment” this year. See you back here in 56 days.

  • Donating blood for wimps

    Donating blood for wimps

    I donated to one of my favorite charities today and it didn’t cost me anything. Yup, I gave blood. You can, too, even if like me you’re a wimp. Here are my time-tested tricks for survival:

    • Drink a lot. I make sure I drink a lot of water for a few days before and then more afterward.
    • Tell them you’re a wimp. They’ll treat you extra special.1Every donor gets normal special treatment. 
    • Lie down on the cot backward. Most people have their heads above their feet. Not me. I lie flat and have them elevate my feet. I haven’t had an issue with feeling faint since I started doing this.
    • Relax when they insert the needle. It probably won’t hurt. They had to stick me twice today2The only time they’ve ever needed to. and I barely felt the first one. Getting the hemoglobin finger prick hurts more. Removing the self-sticky bandages hurts more. Today’s second stick stung a little this time, but still nothing to write home about.3Mom, ignore that last sentence.  Apparently, there’s some sort of anticoagulant on/in the needle which can sting a little. You’ll live. ;-)
    • Never look at the needleNEVER!!4Yeah, I said I’m a wimp.
    • Once the needle is in, talk to the person drawing your blood. It will keep your mind off the big steel needle jabbed in your arm draining away your lifeblood. Okay, it’s not that bad, but staying distracted is still a good thing. In fact, I believe this is the best suggestion I have for you. You might even find they’re fun to talk to.
    • Brag about it when you’re done. You deserve it!

    Do this enough times and you won’t be the wimp you think you are.

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      Every donor gets normal special treatment. 
    • 2
      The only time they’ve ever needed to.
    • 3
      Mom, ignore that last sentence. 
    • 4
      Yeah, I said I’m a wimp.
  • Donating Blood is Easy

    American Red Cross logo…and the American Red Cross is making it even easier.

    I got back to my cube after a lunchtime walk to find an e-mail from the American Red Cross. In this e-mail was a link “Click here to make an appointment.” I clicked the link and logged in to my Red Cross profile. (I’ve given blood before, which is why the Red Cross had my e-mail address.)

    I was presented with a choice of donation events, so I clicked on one that fit my schedule and selected a convenient time. The site showed me a map including directions from the address I have in my profile and gave me a calendar link. One more click, press save, and the appointment is in my Outlook calendar.


    Because of this process, the Red Cross has me scheduled to donate blood 56 days after the last time — the minimum allowed.

    Update: I just checked my e-mail and there’s a confirmation of the appointment with links for directions, changing the appointment, or adding it to my calendar. There’s also contact information should I want to talk to a human. I continue to be impressed. :-)



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