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  • Three gallons of blood

    I reached a milestone yesterday: I donated my 24th pint of blood — 3 gallons! I used to have a rule: no talking about needles while I’m driving. We want to keep the driver conscious. I decided my fear of needles wasn’t optimal and decided to donate blood to get over it. My plan worked,…

  • A No. 1 Day!

    A No. 1 Day!

    I was No. 1 at the blood drive this morning. :-)

  • It was a sign

    There was a bloodmobile parked across the street from Starbucks. It was a sign.

  • Two Gallons of Blood

    Two Gallons of Blood

    I reached a milestone today: I donated my sixteenth pint, totaling two gallons of blood. I reached my one-gallon milestone in December of 2009 but had to stop giving blood for a year after visiting rural China in 2010. Will you join me in giving blood?

  • The American Red Cross has my number. They

    The American Red Cross has my number. They just called and scheduled my 16th appointment to give blood. Two-gallon pin, coming up! :-)

  • I’m No Superhero

    I’m no superhero, but three to four times a year I save lives. In fact, I did it again today. After lunch, I walked to the local library where the American Red Cross had a blood drive. In about an hour I’d saved up to three lives. You could donate blood, too, even if you’re…

  • My Friday: I saved up to three lives

    My Friday was productive: I saved up to three lives. How about you? ;-)

  • It’s Valentine’s Day — time to donate

    It’s Valentine’s Day — the perfect time to make another appointment to donate blood. Mine is March 2.

  • Back on the Cot Again — Donating Blood

    After a year’s hiatus, I donated blood again today. It feels good. :-) Even if you’re afraid of needles, you can give blood, too. Just read my wimpy blood donor survival guide. Please join me this holiday season in donating blood. You could save up to three lives.