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  • One Gallon of Blood

    One Gallon of Blood

    I reached a milestone today: I have donated one gallon of blood. That’s about 80% of blood the average adult body contains.

    I also beat my goal of giving blood four times this year by 50%.

    I’d like to say, “I am not a wimp” — but I am. After donating blood two or three times without issues, I decided to give blood sitting up, like everyone else does. Bad idea. After nearly filling the bag, I could feel the blood drain from my face. I alerted the workers and they got me lying flat with my feet elevated. Ah…

    Oh well. I filled the bag. It didn’t hurt. And I saved up to three lives.

    Next time I’ll know to ask for the wimp treatment.

    If I can do it, maybe you can too. What do you think?



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