Donating Blood is Easy

American Red Cross logo…and the American Red Cross is making it even easier.

I got back to my cube after a lunchtime walk to find an e-mail from the American Red Cross. In this e-mail was a link “Click here to make an appointment.” I clicked the link and logged in to my Red Cross profile. (I’ve given blood before, which is why the Red Cross had my e-mail address.)

I was presented with a choice of donation events, so I clicked on one that fit my schedule and selected a convenient time. The site showed me a map including directions from the address I have in my profile and gave me a calendar link. One more click, press save, and the appointment is in my Outlook calendar.


Because of this process, the Red Cross has me scheduled to donate blood 56 days after the last time — the minimum allowed.

Update: I just checked my e-mail and there’s a confirmation of the appointment with links for directions, changing the appointment, or adding it to my calendar. There’s also contact information should I want to talk to a human. I continue to be impressed. :-)

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