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  • Goldfinches at the feeders

    Goldfinches at the feeders

    I cleaned and filled the bird feeders one morning earlier this week. I asked Suzi how long she thought until we’d have visitors. She was confident our feeders would see use by that same afternoon. And she was right! I was at the computer with my back to the feeders when Suzi said there were…

  • Soaring


  • Bird-Brained Obama Supporter

    I can only imagine the abuse this bird has endured. ;-) Hat tip: techPresident.

  • Dancing Bird

    This bird has some moves. Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Thank you, Roger!

  • Worth two in the bush?

    This morning I drove Melissa to school. She needed to arrive early for a field trip to the Oregon Coast. On her way out the door, she grabbed her lunch, her book bag, and then her shoes off the front porch. As I backed out of the driveway, she settled in and started putting on…