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  • Passing 500

    Passing 500

    According to the blogan dashboard, this is my 501st post. I bet I’m the only one who has read all of them… ;-)

    A sincere thanks to my readers. You make this fun.

    Update: Here’s a tag cloud showing the top 50 words based on the text of my 501 posts.

    created at TagCrowd.com
  • Word Tag Clouds for Republican Debate

    Word Tag Clouds for Republican Debate

    As I prepared for the Democratic debate, here are the word tag clouds for the Republican Presidential Debate. Click on the image to see a larger view of Rep. Duncan Hunter’s tag cloud. Anything pop out at you? ;-)

    Too bad we couldn’t do the same for the candidate’s gestures. McCain’s finger jabbing would fill the box.

  • Word Tag Clouds for Democratic Debate

    Word Tag Clouds for Democratic Debate

    Pollster.com shows “tag clouds” displaying the Democratic candidates’ words. The sizes of the words correlates to how often they were used during the Democratic Presidential Debate of April 26, 2007.

    Senator Joe Biden’s tag cloud is shown above. Click on it for a larger view. Visit Pollster.com to see all of them. What can you learn about the candidates’ agenda from the distribution of their words?



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