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  • Clutter Begone

    Blogan.net was looking cluttered so I made a few changes:

    • No more ads. The money I was making (not much) wasn’t worth the visual distraction. They’ll probably come back later, but they’re gone for now.
    • No more Snap Shots preview. Josh Bancroft gave me a week before I tired of them. it took about four. Guess I’m slow…
    • No more little icons under the post titles. Even the text information is simplified.
    • I flitted between two and three columns, but with all this other junk gone, I’m down to two. I don’t have anything to put in the third column.
    • No more daily Twitter digests. If you want to follow my tweets, join Twitter and follow me there. For now, I’ll display my latest tweet on the top of my sidebar.

    Those who follow my blog using its feeds will probably notice only the last change. Those who visit should also see faster loading.



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