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  • PDXDownhill’s Portland Hill Map

    PDXDownhill’s Portland Hill Map

    PDXDownhill’s Portland Hill Map. Where to go downhill in and around Portland on your longboard.

  • Longer Lunch Ride

    Longer Lunch Ride

    I’ve been riding my new bike during lunch this week. Each ride has gotten a little longer. This ride would be the longest yet. It looks like fun. Now I just need a day where I can take a long lunch…

  • Intel Hawthorn Farm Walking Routes

    Intel Hawthorn Farm Walking Routes

    I’m moving Intel campuses later this week — from Jones Farm to Hawthorn Farm. The Jones Farm campus is great for walking. It’s time for a quick visit to Google maps to see what Hawthorn Farm has to offer. I see what might be nice 1.2 and 1.5 mile walks. :-) I wonder what walking…

  • Orphanage in the Dominican Republic

    View Larger Map Google Maps now has high resolution satellite views of central Dominican Republic. The blue placemark indicates where Ashley stayed last school year while teaching English at an orphanage. Go to satellite mode and zoom in to see the group house she live in with her adopted family. The houses just south of…

  • Tour de Intel Oregon Site

    I wanted to do a longer bike ride today (I failed last week) so I mapped this one out before I left. According to Google, this ride is a hair over 26 miles. View Larger Map at Google Maps This ride took me by Intel’s Oregon campuses. Intel’s Oregon site is its largest because it…

  • “Longer” Bike Ride

    I figured I’d go for a longer bike ride today. I had some extra time and energy. View Larger Map According to my bike computer, I went 16.7 miles, only 0.3 miles longer than my typical ride. Oops!

  • Come Ride With Me

    I rode my bike this evening for a little exercise. Come along for the ride. It’s probably easier to view a larger map and click through the symbols in order. Making this map reminded me of memory maps.

  • Happy Valentines Day

    Hat tip: Google LatLong.