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  • Mid-October Lunchtime Walk

    Mid-October Lunchtime Walk

    Shortly after noon, I looked up from my desk to see a balmy mid-October day inviting me to a lunchtime walk. Who was I to decline? Grabbing my camera, I headed out for a clockwise 1.5 mile walk around Hawthorn Farm. I snapped pictures of fall leaves in between kicking and stomping the acorns scattered…

  • Last Day at Jones Farm

    Last Day at Jones Farm

    It’s my last day at Intel’s Jones Farm campus. Monday, I start at the Hawthorn Farm campus. I don’t think my cube has ever been this clean. No tchotchkes, no loose papers. I even corralled the dust bunnies behind the monitor. Goodbye JF3-2-H6. It’s been fun!

  • Intel Hawthorn Farm Walking Routes

    Intel Hawthorn Farm Walking Routes

    I’m moving Intel campuses later this week — from Jones Farm to Hawthorn Farm. The Jones Farm campus is great for walking. It’s time for a quick visit to Google maps to see what Hawthorn Farm has to offer. I see what might be nice 1.2 and 1.5 mile walks. :-) I wonder what walking…

  • My New Cube at Intel’s Hawthorn Farm Campus

    My New Cube at Intel’s Hawthorn Farm Campus

    Today was the open house for those of us who will be moving into a remodeled floor at Intel’s Hawthorn Farm campus. I went, found my new cube, and took some pictures. It doesn’t look much like the Intel Conan O’Brien visited a while back. No gray walls, no gray cubicles, no blue-gray carpeting. It’s…