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  • Honda P0401 Code Fixed, Again

    Less than two years and 40,000 miles later, I again performed the P401 code fix on our 2001 Honda Odyssey. I was much faster this time. Even better, I completed the trip cycle for all sensors and it passes! Nice. :-) Now, for a quick trip to DEQ.

  • An Eventful Day for our 2001 Honda Odyssey

    Today was an eventful day for our 2001 Honda Odyssey minivan: The odometer dialed through 222,222. That’s a lifetime average of about 22,000 miles per year, but our records show the last two years averaged 25,000 miles each. It looks like our travel is increasing as our kids have headed off to different directions for…

  • P0401 Code Fix For 2001 Honda Odyssey

    P0401 Code Fix For 2001 Honda Odyssey

    Our 2001 Honda Odyssey needed to pass Oregon’s DEQ to get renewed license tags. Unfortunately, the check engine light wouldn’t stay off and it had code P0401 — Exhaust Gas Recirculation, Flow Insufficient. After paying a mechanic to install a new EGR valve and catalytic converter, and trying more expensive gas and gas cleaner additives,…