An Eventful Day for our 2001 Honda Odyssey

Today was an eventful day for our 2001 Honda Odyssey minivan:

  • The odometer dialed through 222,222. That’s a lifetime average of about 22,000 miles per year, but our records show the last two years averaged 25,000 miles each. It looks like our travel is increasing as our kids have headed off to different directions for college.
  • As we stopped for gas in Weed, I plugged in the OBD II device and discovered that the evaporative system had finally passed its trip cycle, three days after the operation I performed on the EGR port in the intake manifold. This was the last emissions system to complete its trip cycle.
  • Not wanting to wait even a day, we stopped by DEQ on the way into the Portland — and passed! Not a day too early, as our second trip permit expires tomorrow. The new license tags will look beautiful on our license plate.
  • We didn’t need to get gas between Weed and Hillsboro, even having some left in the tank when we got home. It looks like our car is running smoother and getting better gas mileage.

What a great day!

2 responses to “An Eventful Day for our 2001 Honda Odyssey”

  1. Zanny Marsh Avatar
    Zanny Marsh

    Full disclosure: This has nothing to do with your post but it’s a fun Weed story.

    I posed as a lookyloo at a staged accident scene for a public service announcement poster when I worked for the California Highway Patrol. About three years after I’d left the CHP, a friend asked me why I was on a billboard in Weed. I have to smile every time I think of that pindot-sized town.

    Happy to hear your emissions test passed with flying colors. Mighty expensive when things don’t go so well.

  2. Brent Logan Avatar

    Thanks for the story. I would like to see that billboard. :-)

    Weed’s a funny little town in a beautiful setting. They do have fun with their tourism souvenirs. Imagine — a college town named Weed.