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  • Recent shots

    Recent shots

    A grab bag from recent trips to Salt Lake City and Corvallis and happenings in between.

  • Christmas Tree 2015

    Christmas Tree 2015

    Ginger ponders the presence of a Christmas tree in the house.

  • Merry Christmas Eve

    Merry Christmas Eve

    Merry Christmas Eve, everyone! We drove through the old neighborhood looking at Christmas lights, then came home and opened one present each. Now we’re watching It’s a Wonderful Life in our new PJs. Who will make it to the end?

  • Our Christmas Tree is Getting Dressed

    Our Christmas Tree is Getting Dressed

    Our tree has lights, ribbons, and a skirt. Tomorrow, it will get ornaments. Of greater interest to our cats Hazel and Ginger is the train that circles its base. Whap! Derailed, again… Update. It’s done!

  • Birdwatching Cats

    Birdwatching Cats

    I’m not sure who’s having more fun with the feeders: the birds, us, or the cats. Whenever we open the windows, the cars sit on the sills and study the birds.

  • O Hai

    O Hai

    I had help doing the dishes after lunch today.

  • Cats and Kids

    We have two cats. They have every reason to be the same. They are from the same litter, have the same parents. They were raised together, by their mother and family, and then by our family. But they aren’t the same. Ginger is black and Hazel is gray. More importantly, Ginger knows how to get…

  • Cats in the Sink

    Cats in the Sink

    Our cats, Hazel and Ginger, cuddle in the sink. They’re making the best of being locked in the bathroom while I clean the aquarium. Yeah, I’m catblogging and it’s not even Friday. Such are the joys of being owned by a cat.

  • Meet Hazel and Ginger

    Meet Hazel and Ginger

    Meet Hazel and Ginger. They have been part of our family for months. They are best friends and fun to have around.