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  • Jetting Home

    Jetting Home

    I learned something this evening on the way home: the best view of the jet engine intake is not the back row — it’s the second to the back row. Good to know.

  • A View from the Exit Row

    A View from the Exit Row

    Mmm… :-) Today’s airport experience in PDX was downright nice: the TSA was scanning boarding passes at the far end of the line and sending a large portion through the “PRE” line. Those of us lucky enough to be selected went through security pre-9/11 style: coats, shoes, and belts stayed on and computers remained packed.…

  • Home Model Engine Machinist

    Home Model Engine Machinist. “Dedicated to machinist-built model engines.” Prepare to spend some time looking at incredible builds.

  • A View From 8A

    A View From 8A

    A 737’s engine nacelle reflects the pre-sunrise sky.