Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach by Jamison Logan

Cannon Beach Sunset

Yesterday, mid-afternoon, we decided it was a good day for a Cannon Beach visit. Jamison grabbed his drone and camera, and Jamison, Suzi, and I headed for the beach. We stopped by Insomnia then drove nearer to the Rock.

Jamison set up his drone and took off. I held his phone while he took some pictures and videos. I hadn’t seen Jamison use his drone before. Too cool! :-)

Not long after we arrived, the sunset and we left.

Every day at the beach is a good day!

Photo credits: Drone shot and animated gif by Jamison. Shot of Jamison and me by Suzi. All used with permission. Thanks!

2 responses to “Cannon Beach Sunset”

  1. Art King Avatar
    Art King

    Such pictures! Wow! What’s the make and model on Jamison’s drone?

  2. Brent Logan Avatar

    Thanks! Jamison has a DJI Spark that he got just before he left for Majuro. He also got the remote control and a spare battery. It’s amazing!