The Needles at Cannon Beach

Stormy Cannon Beach

Another week, another opportunity to visit Cannon Beach.

Since our visit the previous weekend, massive breakers scrubbed the Oregon coast. Ecola Creek rerouted north again, much closer to bluffs. The loose sand that was on the beach washed away. The tsunami evacuation maps normally posted on the seawall are gone. Have they also washed away?

Ordinarily, we would walk from Second Street down to the Rock, take some pictures and walk back. But it was a cold, blustery, cloudy day. After a hot drink and walking down the steps to the beach, we decided to drive to Tolovana Beach Park and walk to the Rock from there instead. Our assumption was that this would be a shorter walk. Checking the map, I’m not convinced this is the case, which makes me feel a lot better — and confirms what the walk felt like.

Another great day on the Oregon coast! I can’t wait for the next one.

2 responses to “Stormy Cannon Beach”

  1. Sherwin Avatar

    The storm as been all along the west coast, and even though we are not on Mayne Island, we get BC Ferry alerts with the ferries are not running due to high winds. They have been shut down for at least two days.

    I really love the sea wall shot! Very interesting!

  2. Brent Logan Avatar

    Thanks! It’s fun to take a picture of something that’s not there. ;-)