The Needles at sunset

Cannon Beach for the new year

Once a new year arrives, we love to visit Cannon Beach. This year we didn’t make it until the thirteenth day of the year. We’ve made it earlier in years past.

What a beautiful day it was! Blue skies, light breezes, and temps over 60. We started with hot drinks then walked to the rock. The tide was way out, the farthest we’ve ever seen. We met a few doggies on our stroll, including an amiable black lab sporting a GoPro on his back. I’d love to see his videos.

The sun reflected off the windows on the bluffs, forming shafts of light through the faint mist.

Then we waited with the others for the sun to drop behind the Needles.

Every day at the beach is a great day — and this one was extra special!

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4 responses to “Cannon Beach for the new year”

  1. Ashley Avatar

    Beautiful pictures! I enjoyed your description of the trip as well! We need to meet up at a beach further south!

  2. Brent Logan Avatar

    Thanks, Ashley! Going to the beach together will be fun. We’ll need to find a place somewhere between us. A quick map routing suggests that Road’s End is about an hour forty-five for both of us. That’s a nice beach, too! :-)

  3. Sherwin Avatar

    What great shots!

    Are you using your smart phone?

    or a real camera?

  4. Brent Logan Avatar

    Haha! Yes, I used a real camera — the one in my smartphone. :-)

    Though I would like something with a larger sensor and interchangeable lenses.